• Metabond H plus ( hydraulic oil additive )

Metabond H plus ( hydraulic oil additive )

Specially designed for Metabond H Plus hydraulic systems, it has an anti-wear metal surface finish, excellent friction reduction and extraordinary lubricant enhancement. When mixed with the specified grade of hydraulic oil, it can handle new, novel and worn-out hydraulic equipment. After a short time it produces spectacular results.
The primary effect of Metabond is chemical surface finishing, which provides the product with ideal conditions for oil film, reducing wear and maintenance costs. Thanks to the special lubricant-promoting components added to today's state-of-the-art metal surface finishers, Metabond H Plus significantly increases the lifetime of hydraulic equipment and reduces friction loss by 60%.
In addition to the known metal surface finishing properties, Metabond H Plus also features extraordinary lubricant-promoting components designed specifically for hydraulic systems. Furthermore, worn, sealed hydraulic systems reduce oil consumption and make the seals more flexible and fit better.
In oil-hydraulic systems, Metabond H Plus allows for higher system pressures without "vibration" and significantly reduces noise levels. Easier operation and reduced friction are most often found in operational cost savings and increased production with lower energy requirements, less maintenance and downtime.
Area of ​​application:
Metabond H Plus is ideal for moving hydraulic systems and continuous machines with high speed, load and temperature. It is also recommended for power tools, hydraulic systems, injection machines, and rammers that use rotary vane or piston pumps. It is also highly effective in robotics.
The contents of the can are mixed with 3–6% of the hydraulic oil. Its use requires the use of the required quality oil! Shake before use!
For special, special synthetic base hydraulic oils, perform a mixing test!
Shelf life:
Shelf life without opening is unlimited. After opening, the warranty is 2 years.
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