Zoltan started to add Metabond Truck to his Western Star truck twin turbo Caterpillar engine when it had 900,000 miles on it. CAT engines are well known for using 1 gallon of motor oil between oil changes, even if they are new. Metabond Truck reduces the oil consumption of his engine by 50%. Zoltan used to change oil at 13,000 miles, now he changes it between 19,000 and 23,000 miles or so.

He says, "I just love this stuff! I really enjoy the benefits of this product, but most importantly, it gives me peace of mind! I don't have to worry about cold starts anymore when I fire up my truck in -5 Fahrenheit in Maine. When the temperature gets really cold, the motor oil thickens and simply can't do it's job. When I start my engine, there is no lubrication in the engine for the first 30 seconds or more, and that's what really wears down an engine (besides human factors). By adding Metabond to my engine at every oil change, I have the peace of mind of knowing that this stuff creates a protective shield inside my engine, and I don't have to worry about metal parts rubbing on each other without any lubrication. It can even protect my engine in the event of the full loss of oil pressure while driving down the road. I would still have time to pull over safely and shut off my engine without ruining it. And this stuff goes everywhere that motor oil does! Since I have two turbos on my CAT, it's very important for me to keep those in excellent shape. A turbo fail can be extremely costly and it can even ruin the whole engine. When I get off of the freeway and shut off my engine, the turbo fans are still spinning at a high rate of speed without any lubrication. Usually, that's why many turbos have shortened lifespan. But, I don't have to worry about that anymore either, because the Metabond is in my turbos as well. I still have my original turbos and have 1,215,000 miles on them. For me, these are the most important benefits of Metabond, besides the mpg gained, and saving money on operating costs. I used to get 5.2 mpg (which is pretty good for these type of trucks), now I can get between 5.8 - 6.5 mpg. My truck is my livelihood, and I do my best to keep it in excellent shape. I drive about 110,000 miles annually, rain or shine, snow or ice. I add this stuff to my differentials, transmission, my personal cars, and even to my two-cylinder generator."