• Metabond Truck

Metabond Truck

Metabond TRUCK is a development of a new generation. It is a state-of-the-art ash-free metal surface finisher using nanotechnology for the engines of utility vehicles. It has an extraordinary antifriction and lubrication effect. It is recommended for the engines of new, newish and used utility vehicles, and must be added to oils of the required quality.

Field of application:

It can be used only in new, newish and used petrol and diesel driven engines of utility vehicles, buses, agricultural machines, mining machines and earthwork machines.



Its use does not require skills or tools, simply warm up the content of the flask on a warm radiator or in warm water, then shake it well and pour the volume of 1 flask (1 liter) into 1 engine (6.6 to 9.24 gallons oil fill), to the fresh still hot engine oil, then run the engine for a few minutes. Repeat the treatment after each oil change. In case of continuous post-treatment, ½ flask may be sufficient if the purpose is only to finish the metal surface. If you want to permanently enjoy also the full advantages of lubrication improvement then the use of a full flask (1 liter) is necessary for the post-treatment. It is assumed that an oil of the required quality is applied.


Packaging units: 1 liter

  • $98.00