• Metabond Old Spezial

Metabond Old Spezial

Metabond Old Spezial is a new generation, high viscosity metal surface finisher that provides excellent sealing and exceptional lubrication and friction reduction in worn engines of vehicles and equipment with significant oil consumption. Simply mix it into the recommended grade of oil used in engines of petrol, diesel and gas operated vehicles.
The new generation Metabond supplements engine oil with an ash-free metal surface finisher and state-of-the-art lubricants, working nanoceramics into all of the places where friction may occur. The nano particles can reach uneven metal friction surfaces of cylinders, pistons, bearings, rings, gears, etc., to where they are fixed and partly burned in. The high viscosity additives and ceramic particles also solve tightness problems in addition to friction reduction. Oil consumption is significantly reduced and compression is increased.  In addition, the rate of toxic gases as a proportion of emission gases is dramatically reduced.
First and foremost, Metabond chemically improves the metal surface finish. As a result of this, the product provides ideal conditions for the oil film, thereby significantly increasing the lifespan of the equipment. Due to the particularly low friction coefficient of the nano sized policeramics added to the cutting-edge ash-free metal surface improver and the state-of-the-art lubricants, Metabond Old Spezial guarantees safe lubrication. This facilitates the inner workings of the engine and the movement of parts, resulting in an increase in engine output and fuel savings.
Ceramics are very important in modern lubrication engineering. The roughness of motors' metal friction surfaces is very insignificant, often only 1 micron, thus larger microparticles do not stick to the metal surface. The filtering elements of oil filters have, in general, filtering structures and filtering fineness of 15 to 25 micron (the fineness of superfine filters is 1 to 3 micron), thus they cannot filter Metabond Old Spezial nano sized polyceramic. Thereby, Metabond Old Spezial may also be used in mainstream and partial-flow superfine filters.
By entering into a chemical reaction with metals, Metabond Old Spezial tempers its materials when pressurised. The resulting micron-thick, extremely hard protective layer withstands damage caused by friction, and provides ideal conditions for lubricating oils, even under extreme loads. Due to significantly reduced friction, operating temperature and noise level immediately and noticeably decrease.
Since Metabond Old Spezial integrates into metals rubbing against each other, tempering their materials, it eliminates cold-start problems, and also offers protection for a certain period in case of partial oil starvation or loss of full oil pressure. It can be mixed with all synthetic, partially synthetic and mineral-based lubricating oils. Oil treated with Metabond Old Spezial retains its lubrication quality longer, reducing the need for oil changes and minimising the effect upon the environment.
If used properly, there will be no negative effects on the engine.
Field of application:
Metabond Old Spezial can be used in worn, four-stroke petrol, diesel and gas driven engines of cars, utility vehicles, agricultural equipment, earthwork machines and boats.
No skill or tool is required. Simply add it to the new, warm lubricating oil at a rate of 5-10% (0.5-1 dl Old Spezial per 1 litre of oil). Simply pour Old Spezial into the hot engine. Heat the can to 77 - 86 °F (stand it into hot water or place onto a warm radiator), and shake well before use. Operate the engine for a few minutes after topping up or simply drive on. It is not designed for single use; preferably use Metabond Old Spezial during each oil change in the same ratio. It is assumed that an oil of the required quality is applied.
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