• Metabond Spirit

Metabond Spirit

METABOND SPIRIT is a 2018 development. It is the most advanced low-saps, nanotech metal surface finisher designed exclusively for passenger car engines, with high friction reducing effect and enhanced lubricating performance. It is recommended for use in the latest gasoline, diesel and gas-powered passenger cars with start-stop systems and catalytic converter or particulate filters, developed after 2010, added to the required motor oil.

The primary effect of METABOND is the chemical metal surface finishing, which creates ideal conditions for the oil film, thus reducing engine wear and decreasing maintenance costs. As a result of the nano-size poly-ceramic added to today's most advanced low-saps metal surface finisher and the lubrication enhancing components developed for the latest start-stop engines, the Metabond SPIRIT significantly increases the engine's lifetime, reduces friction loss by 60% and significantly increases the lubricant's potential due to its ester base.

Metal surface treatment and nanoceramics also reduce leakage problems. This reduces the emissions significantly and the potential for oil consumption.

Ceramic also provides lubrication when the lubricant film is broken and mixed friction occurs. Metabond SPIRIT due to nanotechnology can also be used in the case of main and low-pass super fine filters.

Metabond SPIRIT offers ideal conditions for lubricating oils even at extreme loads. This facilitates the engine's internal operation and the movement of components, which results in a significant increase in engine performance and / or fuel economy.

The noise level is immediately and noticeably reduced. Continuously used in new equipment, it guarantees triple lifetime expectancy. The use of Metabond SPIRIT eliminates cold-start difficulties and provides a protective effect for short-time partial oil shortages or even for total oil pressure loss.

Cold, but also warm start is a very sensitive point in the lubrication of an internal combustion engine. After starting the engine, the optimum oil pressure cannot be generated at the moment of rotation. That is why the engine spins for a very short time without oil pressure, which uses all friction surfaces, most notably the bearings. For modern engines, bearings are therefore provided with a polymeric (plastic) surface due to their more efficient self-lubrication properties and a much lower friction coefficient.

The most advanced engines are equipped with a reflux oil filter, the oil pressure is retained from the pump side of the pump, and as soon as the oil pump rotates, the right pressure is immediately generated. Lubricants used in such engines has to be easily pumped in relatively cold conditions. Metabond SPIRIT also protects engines from regular urban and short-distance damage.

The lubricants of the Metabond-treated equipment maintain their lubricity for a longer period of time due to the more ideal operating conditions, thus increasing the oil change interval, thus reducing the environmental load. The synthetic ester base and the latest lubrication enhancing components offers outstanding lubricant lifetime and performance.

Field of application:

It can only be used in new and slightly used petrol, diesel and gas engines of passenger cars, as it contains components that are specific for the engine oil of passenger cars with start-stop systems.

It can be mixed with any mineral, but mostly synthetic, or ester based passenger car motor oil. Recommended application minimum 5W40, 5W30, but mostly mixed with 0W viscosity oils.


In order to warm up the contents of the bottle to a pourable consistency, simply put the bottle on a warm radiator or in warm water. Shake well and pour 1 bottle (250 ml) into 1 engine (4 to 8 quarts of oil fill) to the warm engine oil and then run the engine for a few minutes.
The treatment has to be repeated at each oil change cycle. Its use assumes the use of the required grade of engine oil!

Shelf-life: Unopened can be stored for unlimited period of time. After opening the warranty is 2 years.

Origin: EU
Packaging: 250ml 

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