• Metabond High Tech Grease

Metabond High Tech Grease

The Metabond 1,5 EP is a versatile, over-alkaline, high-temperature, metal tempering, anti-wear, calcium based top quality grease. Metabond 1,5 EP adopts the latest grease technology available today and with its 1,5 penetration and pressure resistant ingredients, its qualities extend far beyond traditional lubricants.

The Metabond found inside the grease bonds chemically with metals, creating an exceptionally smooth and wear-resistant surface. Owing to the reduced friction between the interacting surfaces, the operating temperature and the noise levels are also decreased drastically. Using it allows machinery to work more dynamically with increased performance and efficiency. Metabond 1,5 grease protects against rust, corrosion, oxidation and washout, while offering extreme stability (and reversibility) between -40°C and +205°C. It also provides ideal lubrication conditions for a short time up until 300°C (!). It mixes well with most greases and can be used for re-greasing greases of all bases, and may be easily used in case of replacement. The easier operation and the reduced friction is most commonly noticed in trimmed utility costs, increased production, energy consumption drops noticeably and your machinery will experience less maintenance and outage time. It provides a reliable protection against corrosion and prevents rust developing at fittings. Metabond 1,5 EP has strong adhesion properties and is also easy to pump and transfer. Owing to its outstanding pressure absorbing characteristic, it is an extremely stable and shear resistant product.


It will not cause any unbeneficial effects, if used properly in machinery.         



It may be used in all types of vehicles and vehicle drives, agricultural and building machines, mining, boating equipment, bearings, glands, mixed with other lubricants, lubricating devices and in most areas where lubricating is essential.


How to:

Its use does not require any skill or tool. Simply use Metabond 1,5 EP like any other grease and can also be blended with them. Please follow the instructions of the manufacturers of the equipment!



Soap / thickener: Calcium

Colour: blue

Smell: distinctive, pleasent

Consistency: pasty

Density: (15 °C): 1g / cm³

Flash point: 235 ° C (to be kept closed)

Solubility in water (20 ° C): insoluble

Vapor pressure:

Penetration kneading (250 ° C): 283-315

(These values are typical mean values.)

Place of origin: Canada

Packaging: 400 g (standard grease cartridge), 80 g (tube)

  • $55.00