• Metabond Bike

Metabond Bike

Metabond BIKE is a one of a kind bearing and chain lubricant made specifically for bicycles, sports equipment, and is used in other industrial and household areas.

Metabond BIKE is a one of a kind bearing and chain lubricant, which reduces friction, provides seamless chain movement and increases the lifespan of the equipment.

The metal surface finishing compounds found inside Metabond BIKE enters into a chemical reaction with metals, creating an extremely hard and smooth surface. The added ceramics provide extra smoothness between the interacting surfaces, even when there is a lack of oil, and lend great cohesive properties for the oil film when used under normal conditions. Using Metabond BIKE will increase the overall lifespan and performance of your equipment. 


Field of application: bicycles, chain and bearing lubrication, cutting blades, locks etc. It can be used both on its own or with greasing.

Ingredients: petroleum derivatives, sulfurized vegetable fatty acid derivatives.

Storage: Keep in a dry, cool and well-ventilated environment in its original container away from children and food. Protect from heat, open flames or other sources of heat, sunlight and frost. Keep away from children!

Use within 2 years from the date of opening!     

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