• Metabond 4T

Metabond 4T

Metabond 4T is a new generation, state-of-the-art metal surface finisher for four-stroke motorcycle engines, which reduces friction and improves lubrication. It is recommended to add Metabond 4T to the lubricating oils of the required quality in petrol-driven engines of new and used four-stroke motorcycles and garden machines exposed to high thermal load.

In most vehicles 25% of energy generated by fuel is lost due to friction. This friction loss is reduced by Metabond 4T by 60%.

In addition to improving the metal surface finish, the new generation Metabond adds cutting-edge ash-free lubricants to the motor oil. As a result, oil consumption is significantly decreased, and compression and motor output both increase.

 First and foremost, Metabond chemically improves the metal surface finish. As a result of this, the product provides ideal conditions for the oil film, thereby significantly increasing the lifetime of the equipment. State-of-the-art lubricants added to the cutting-edge ash-free metal surface finisher ensure safe lubrication. This facilitates the inner workings of the engine and the movement of parts, which entails an increase in engine output and fuel saving. Lifespan is tripled when used continuously in new equipment.

 By entering into a chemical reaction with metals, Metabond 4T tempers their materials when pressurised. The resulting micron-thick, extremely hard protective layer withstands damage caused by friction, and provides ideal conditions for lubricating oils even under extreme loads. It eliminates difficulties during cold-start, and also provides protection for a certain period in the case of partial oil shortage or full loss of oil pressure. Due to significantly reduced friction, the operating temperature and noise level immediately and noticeably decrease.

 It can be mixed with all synthetic and mineral-based lubricating oil. Oil treated with Metabond 4T retains its lubrication quality longer, reducing the need for oil changes and minimising the effect upon the environment.

If used properly, there will be no negative effects in four-stroke motorcycle engines and garden machines.

Field of application:

Metabond 4T can only be used in new and used four-stroke petrol-driven engines of motorcycles and garden machines.


No skills or tools are required. Just add Metabond 4T to new engine oil at a rate of 5%. It is not designed for single use; preferably use Metabond 4T during each oil change at a rate of 5%.

Origin: EU

Packing units: 250 ml

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